My Ordinary Life's Extraordinary Journey

My world in moments,memories and flashbacks

Get Over It, Already

That little creak of the window. The untimely WhatsApp. The dogs howling under the building. I never thought trivial things like these would have me break a sweat. I am, one of the greatest horror movie junkies you will ever meet.... Continue Reading →

Stop Being a Girl Please!

'Why is god testing us this way?'. M's nanny came back from a month long break that she had taken to help her daughter with her second pregnancy. This was her reaction when I asked her the gender of the... Continue Reading →

Six Unlikely Accessories That Helped Me Cope With Motherhood

I am a true believer in the 'less is more' philosophy. There is enough evidence out there to show that owning more only makes you more miserable. So , that's how I had decided to raise M too. Without too... Continue Reading →

I Love My Baby But She’s Also The Reason I Am Depressed

My daughter has changed my life. She’s the source of infinite smiles and cuddles and even at this tender age, has the ability to love me more than anyone has ever loved me before. We planned a child after four... Continue Reading →

Lather, Rinse, Repent.. How I Escaped From The Smelly Trap of The ‘Langot’

There's a lot of things that a loooot of people tell you in the first few months after you deliver your baby. From the right massage oil to your diet and your bowel movements too, there are a lot of opinions floating around... Continue Reading →

The Most Powerful Advice I Got About Raising A Daughter 

There are many opinions on being a feminist. I have seen a number of people uncomfortable with being called that and being around those who call themselves protagonists of the movement.  But to me, feminism is not a rebellion. It... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Being An ‘In- Between’ 

Can I be honest with you?  You might think I am absolutely bonkers. But I have to come clean about this. I am a proud 'In - Betweener'.  What does that even mean in this 'be swag or swine' world... Continue Reading →

Digital Detox: Day 4 & 5

I can feel a storm coming. I can sense the warnings. M is adamant on testing us to our wits end. But amidst the mayhem that this little monster is making, we're trying to hold on with everything we've got. There... Continue Reading →

Digital Detox: Day 2 & 3

How ironic that I have to admit that I cheated on Valentine's day. Yes, Day 2 & 3 weren't as rosy as Day 1. It was a split second decision made under extreme frustration. M has been a bit under... Continue Reading →

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