I was born in an ordinary,’marwari’,well to-do,joint family of 20-odd people as the last child of the 3rd generation.I was very lovingly,customarily named by my dad’s sister as ‘Reshma’-‘Born of silk’ is what it means.Indeed, a regal name for a royal hearted Leo. I didn’t realise at that time that I was lucky to have born in this family-that will nurture me,bring me up with all the luxuries that i may or may not need, unlike millions of unpriviliged kids born on the same day as me into the cruel,real world.My mum, a housewife,one of 3 others in the house. My dad,the fourth son of my grandparents;a commerce graduate and an entreprenuer.I was the second kid,born 6 years after my brother so i guess by then mum had lost track of raising a new born.She tells me now that i grew up taken care of by my aunts more than her.Well,I guess that’s how life in a joint family is-there are kids by the dozen,the mothers are always busy in the kitchen or living up to the whims of the in-laws and eventually lose track of how their children are growing up.I remember being treated as the little harmless extra among the kids.My skills back then were holding the coins of the carrom board,being the ‘feilder’ in cricket,helping with the manual work of getting bricks for our ‘Diwali Fort’ etc.I also remember playing in my room alone, with make-believe people , talking to my self and dancing in front of the mirror.It’s quite ironic;one would think that there is always someone to play with in a house full of so many people.I guess each person likes to play his own favorite game,his own way.Ditto like life.