Quirks of Childhood

Being the youngest in the family,I had imagined,would work in my discretion.I should have been the most spoilt one,who didn’t have to do much to get what she wanted. Though I can’t say that this was true in my case,I also know that i didn’t have as many wants when I was a kid.I remember using the left-over toys,clothes of my cousins sometimes-something i was indifferent about then.I also have distinct memories of all the kids sitting on the kids-dining table (A bereft table kept in the backyard).Four of us would eat in one plate-2 of us sitting on the table and the other two elder kids got the privilege of sitting on the chairs.We’d make a mess by the time we got up! Then there were the dreaded school days,we used to wake up at 5.45 am in the morning,wait for our turn to use the bathroom,sleep while our digestive system did what it had to do,rush through the bath and uniform and run to the rickshaw with our shoes and socks in our hands! In school, i’d realize that i had forgotten to do some homework and try to finish it before the morning assembly.Then the rest of the day would pass in the wait for the long and short recess and then it was time to go home! Before that ,i would make sure that i had a guava (‘peru’) from the fruit vendor or spiced peanuts or the occasional vada-pav (which i forced my rickshaw-wala kaka to treat us all for) Ah! it all comes back..

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