Growing Up

Times have changed now-We have all grown up-shifted into different homes. Hostilities have found their way in, so have formalities. Most of the cousins I grew up with are married. We are all busy with our lives and have built a comfortable circle around us.

I don’t feel like the youngest anymore (except for the fact that i am the last one to get married).I am now a little less oblivious about things going on around me,i am a little less care-free and a little more observant. I can now notice the anomalies in people that i once thought are perfect role-models (my parents for instance) and this has taught me to filter the do’s and don’ts in life. For example,I don’t want to be crazy for money-like i have seen in most of the older generation in my family-I don’t want it to decide who i should hang out with or who i should keep in touch with. I don’t conform to the concept of ‘society’,especially if it means ‘a group of people from the same caste,having as much or more money than you ‘. I refuse to agree,despite having grown-up around people who do,that money decides most things for you. What i want for myself is a happy life-which means that i want just enough money to be able to travel,have a small but beautiful house,a loving partner who treats me as an equal,gives me respect ; enough to be able to take care of my parents if i need to-enough to be able to make them proud of their daughter!

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