Life has turned a new leaf. When i was growing up,i kept telling myself one thing-you are not one to stick to societal norms.i taught myself to be fair and learned through logic and rationality.i was kept grounded by my visits to the orphanage,the slum school where i interacted with lively under-privileged felt nice,to do something selfless. The truth is,i was partly selfish in doing it because it made me feel so confident in my conscience,so proud that i had chosen to do the right thing.
I let myself fall in love,gave the better part of my teenage years in searching for the perfect partner.i didn’t realize that the reason i did not find the perfect love is because i was not in perfect harmony with myself. I fooled myself to become something that someone else thought i was.
Some opportunities were missed,some lessons learnt. But every person comes in your life to plug a loophole,balance out some aspect of your personality,make you more aware of yourself. I don’t know if i have any regrets yet,but i do know that each and every decision,mistake or situation has made me what i am today-the best version of me!
My parents kept insisting on getting me married to a boy from a wealthy,highly well known family and arranged many rendezvous with eligible boys. I kept retaliating on the inside by shutting myself up a little more. I would have known a different reality today if i had chosen to ‘settle’ down. Big house,many cars,big family and a handsome husband. Why wasn’t this idealistic situation my cup of tea? What else was i looking for? I guess i wanted to learn a few more lessons and get there on my own….
I heard somewhere that sometimes,an ending is just a new beginning. That’s the story of my life-i chose to concentrate on the beginnings and all the hope that they bring.
Here i am,at the brink of a new beginning,ready to marry my perfect guy,who i met in a perfect way.

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