Inevitable Journey

Getting married is more about an inward journey than about the change in external circumstances. What is funny is that both are incorrigibly linked with each other. It’s amazing how mere objects can make someone so emotional about a change- emptying my cupboards,donating my books, missing my bed etc. These are just symbolisations of the journey that my mind is preparing to make. It’s hard to imagine a life that’s not revovling around the same people,the same house and the same friends anymore. But would i like to stop the change from happening? No, so i give myself the scope and space to feel sentimental and sometimes sad; after all i’m leaving a girl behind and taking a woman with me. I know though,that i want to start a new chapter of my life with all the right values and ideas. Why not ‘grow-up’ in the right way? A marriage involves two essentially different people who agree to have one life-goal. I know that there will be compromises and adjustment-issues. But for me, marriage is about having a best friend with you 24×7. It’s about making each others goals your own and finding as much happiness in the journey as in the final outcome. If you don’t start by helping yourself,no amount of support will ever get you any further. So yes,i respect his space and mine. Drawing a line between co-dependence and independence could get tricky so i have decided that communication and honesty would be the best strategy.
Everybody tells me that when a boyfriend becomes a husband he’s much different than the person you knew earlier. I find that a little amusing because i know that i would be a whole new person as a wife…that’s the thing about human personality,with a new role comes a new persona. I have learnt to love the inherent person- not just a role that he plays in my life.
Whatever we go through in our life, is our own intrinsic journey. Looking for help outside whilst not going through the journey within our mind will only make us a slave stuck in our own emotional trap.
Alas! If only all in theory can translate to real life…

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