Living in a small world

Growing up is quite an involuntary process for most of us and comes as an eventuality in life. I find that I have become quite hard on myself since I’ve got married. Behave in a certain manner, wear only ‘marriage appropriate’ clothes and most difficult of all : be nice all the time! It’s a whole new game ; new rules, new people and in my case, a very small town compared to the ‘big city life’ I’m accustomed to. I thought that will be my biggest challenge, settling in a place without malls, multiplexes and my favorite Thai restaurant.
I had a limited definition of the word ‘recreation’ and that involved movies,shopping and eating out. How ironical then, that I pushed myself to get married to a small town boy when most of my passions required glamorous crowds and commercial consumerism. That ‘s the game life plays with us; constantly challenging pre conceived ideas, defying comfort zones and giving us new adventurous situations. Yes, this is my adventure . Living in this painfully slow, frustratingly simple place where people are happy despite the obvious lack of recreation! Blasphemous!!! They don’t know what they’re missing, I shruggingly thought. It’s so easy to look down on someone who we think is deprived of the worldly experiences that we have been lucky to be exposed to.Living in a small town has its share of compromises, add to that the idea of living with new people that have a very different lifestyle. I’ll admit that I have had my share of mood swings and self-pittance. Fortunately, my husband is the only witness to that! Apart from the obvious, there is the attitude problem. It seems to me that there’s no ambition in the town. No need to change, no hope to grow. Is this how most of India lives? How do we expect to keep up this growth rate when more than half of the nation ( like most of this town) wakes up at 12 pm!?Beats me how people here are so content, even happy in a small, limited world. Entertainment fodders on gossip, alcohol and temple/wedding visits.
People seem to be stuck between modernism and orthodoxy, the need to move ahead and the lack of direction, escapism and reality.
How am I going to survive here?


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