I’ve realized so many new qualities in me in this new phase of life. Makes me wonder if we are ever the same person through all the chapters in our life.
I had limited myself to believe that there is only one way to be happy. That I am this ‘one kind’ of person. Marriage, new people and new expectations have moulded me amazingly to suit this place and situation.
I believed that education and exposure made me inflexible. That it made me sure of what I wanted from life and confident enough to get there. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I played demure daughter in law,how I am being able to put aside my pre-set ideas to accommodate the pace and lifestyle of my new family.
Am I doing this for my husband? Perhaps. It’s only a small sign of gratefulness for all the love and laughter that he brings to my life.
But is it bad to dream? To move ahead, have a home of your own?
Why is there so much resistance to change? I guess this is why some places are more backward than others.