Small Town Life

What is a small town life? Well,here is my routine. Most well to-do people i know in this town wake up late,so do i. Sleep seems to be a luxury only the saabs in the bungalows can afford.By the time i walk down,my breakfast is ready. I hardly ever meet the morning angel that cooks my breakfast.By the time i step into the kitchen,she’s off showering the same love on other sleepy-heads. As soon as breakfast is over, we are on supervision duty with the maids. Making sure they get every nook and corner of dust settled on the furniture.We ‘order’ for our vegetables and groceries by making the most important phone call of the day (the rest are to know the where-abouts of the husband). After we have made up our minds on what we feel like eating for lunch that day,the afternoon angel uses her magic hands to give us our delicious lunch. Afternoon sleep is a must after a hard (half) day’s work. I make tea for the husband and others and we are off to burn some calories in the park near-by. Our nights are spent in front of the TV(with or without a glass of wine) or being an audience to the vagaries of a middle age crisis  . One would think,what else do i want in my life? It seems perfect. Far from it. This routine seems bliss for someone wanting a break from a hectic life or a twice-a-year vacation. But this is like a holiday all year round! You are not just resting your derriere,but also your brains.This place is making me fat and dumb.There,i said it. I keep staring out at the manicured lawns and the beautiful flowers wanting something more,looking forward to a hectic city life. Will i regret leaving this place and sacrificing this lifestyle? Not one minute.


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