What is happy?

Everything around seems to be a work in progress. Life,relationships,personalities are constantly evolving. I have started getting a clear idea of what kind of world I want to build for myself. I find myself to be content, concentrating on things that give me happiness.
I have started slowly sifting out the dirt. The superficial hollow that each one of us is constantly trying to fill. The race to own, experience, know everything and be ‘unique’. All this seems to matter less to me now. It’s as if I can suddenly see clearly, a cloud of dust has lifted from my vision. I am more thankful, less regretful. I see material belongings for what they really are worth, I have understood that no possession will ever make me happy in a true sense. 

I am no saint. I still ‘want’ things. I do have some expectations from life. But I know that I am lucky, and I live that way. I will never let myself feel sympathetic about my circumstances because life has given me so many reasons to smile, I have the ability to love, care, the health to dream & achieve my goals. 
I find myself capturing small moments in my memories. Sleeping rituals & patterns with my husband, the chuckle & stuttered speech of my niece, the smile on my mother’s face when she plays with her grandchildren, the Thursday lunches with the family where papa’s in a good mood, the snide but funny taunts that my brother n I exchange, the feeling of going back to my husband’s town where things are so simple & trivial pleasures like a walk in the front lawn & picking lemons out of the small tree that make me feel blessed. That’s what life is and will be remembered by, these small moments. 
If you think about it, it’s such a simple solution to all our worries. Live by the good times. The tough times will come , hell they are right around the corner. But knowing that you have been lucky to experience love, to smile, to feel cared, secure is what will give you the strength to fight them. 
If only… If only we knew how to simplify,de-mystify our own lives!! Life would be stress-free, guilt-free and carefree. 

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