Being you

Life changes at the blink of an eye. Even when you’ve been anticipating, waiting for something to happen, it still takes time to register when a transition sets in pace. The most amazing thing is how it changes you. The human being’s ability to adapt & adjust is what makes us the most versatile species on the earth. We are capable of feeling,sensing, experiencing so many things! All it takes is an open mind , a keen eye, you could even learn so much just by sitting in one place!
Then why is it that we resist change so fiercely? That we must stick so vehemently by the ‘image’ of ourselves that we reject all the new lessons that life can teach us?
Who is ‘you’? Are you the one that you act like in front of the society or are you the voice that talks to you in your mind? Or are you the result of years of brainwashed,pre-programmed, non-intuitive principles?
It takes years for us to really recognize who we really are. To dust off the dirt that society, friends & family have contributed in our ‘personality’.
To realize that we have probably been living someone else’s life, we sometimes have to go through difficult journeys, guilt ridden emotions & egoistic confrontations with ourselves.
Is ignorance bliss in this scenario. Quite the opposite. Why are the most successful people unhappy? Why do we find ourselves dependent on others to feel accepted, happy, emotionally content? Because we haven’t been taught to be self-reliant.
Are you ready to look within? To be comfortable being you?

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