Living in your own head

Have you really wanted something? I mean really really craved for something so bad that it makes you believe that you’d be complete only when you get it? It’s incredible that we can convince ourselves of things that we need or want or desire and make it our life’s mission to achieve them. It’s all in the mind. It’s what the mind wants. Our mind creates the phases, our mind creates the tribulations and controls our very being. 

What makes our mind? Layers of societal conditioning, education, value lessons, exposure and upbringing. Is your mind truly yours? Is it speaking your language or is it mimicking someone else? 
When you see someone with a swanky car, do you think, ‘I wish I had one’ or ‘I deserve this too’ or ‘what can I do to get there’? We believe that we ‘want’ these things for ourselves or more nobly,our families. We are ready to waste our whole lives in pursuit of things. You might get the swanky car, but then you’ll need the fancy home, the corporate accolades. Will your mind be satisfied then? Most probably, no. Because you are living someone else’s life, somebody else’s dream. 
Most of us are happy just scraping the surface of our life’s potential depth.Living  what the world believes is a successful life. 
The world is nothing but a perception of our mind,sometimes a biased way of looking at life. Your life can be what you want it to be, you can choose what the world is to you. When you open your eyes, they see what you want them to see. Why not open your eyes to a new perception of the world? One in which you look inside yourself and find happiness hidden inside? Where you have the steering wheel of the mind? Where you live & think deep and realize how you want your life to be? In retrospect, If your life looks just like a version of your father’s/mother’s or like your friends’ lives, then you are living a lie. 
Your mind never let’s you rest. It will never let you retire. It’ll tug and tear at you forever. It’ll create issues from non-issues, it’ll put you at it’s mercy. It’ll lead you to believe that you are the boss, that what your mind thinks is what you really are. 
The day you close your eyes and choose to sit in silence and be comfortable with the nothingness in your head, that day you will open your eyes and your mind to new possibilities & horizons. A clean slate. That has only your handwriting. Based on your experiences, lessons and understanding. That perspective will change you forever. When you can challenge yourself to question things that you have been brainwashed about, that you have been taught as culture or tradition. When you rely on you. When you search for answers within, think with not just your mind but your very conciousness. When you realize that you are more than what you know or are known as. That’s when you give yourself a chance to discover, travel to a new place : hidden right inside you. 
We see the world with tinted glasses. Our racial biases, pre-taught theories, societal  prejudices and herd mindsets blur out our clear vision. We start identifying with this as our own understanding. After all, who wants to live in the fear of being an out cast? Who wants to be a hermit in their society? Is it the easier way out? Perhaps. But then you start being uncomfortable with your own self. You are scared of being alone, you stop relying on yourself and lose confidence in your capability. You are always restless and never completely involved in any moment. You can mask the despair growing inside you, but it will show itself time and again. 
There are many choices that one must make in one’s life. They become his destiny. He will rather blame the whole world for his despair , than dictate his own life. He is scared of being his own hero. He’d rather be saved than be a saviour. 
A small step towards your true self is a big leap towards hapinness and completeness. 
Just close your eyes. Let silence do the talking. 

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