Who doesn’t love a villain?

The other day, I was playing the part of a good listener (partly because I had no chance to contribute to the dialogue) to a grieving,wronged soul who is living with the burden of the whole world being her tormentor. Halfway into the conversation I realised that had it not been for all those people in her life that she could blame all her troubles on, she would have slipped into a deep depression long ago. In so many ways, her tormentors were playing the part of an anchor in her life; a reason to wake up everyday, a motive of sorts. That got me thinking: who doesn’t love a villain in their life? Come to think of it, we can’t stand real life heroes, but villains are always welcome in our homes and our psyche. They do us a favour by taking blame for almost everything that is wrong in our life and leave us to our inflated notion of self righteousness. A villain can be anybody: a person or even a circumstance. As long as we can shift the cause of our misery from ourselves to this malefactor, we get to keep our conscience squeaky clean and feel all damsel-like. What would the world do without villains? Where would America use it’s arsenal of bombs? Who would we blame for all the inequality and unrest? Where would we draw LOCs and have border posts? Who would make our heroes look good?If you look closely, villains are the real saints in our life ; they put all our nonsensical vengeance, our sorely wrong reactions, our whining and ultimately our downfall into perspective. They save us from the embarrassment and excruciating pain of being the cause of our own misery.
So, we keep creating villains that save us the agony of coming to terms with our own insufficiencies until one day we find ourselves living under the illusion that the world itself is a giant villain.
Like we created god as the universal answer to all our perplexed questions, we created villains to protect us from ourselves.
I have had the privilege of being a villain in many a life. I have been touted as the single handed reason for broken  friendships, hurting egos and failed endeavours. And in turn, I have shifted the blame to almost everyone; from my parents to my husband to even my unaware pet dog.
It’s a vicious circle and frankly somewhat of an addiction ; a survival technique of sorts. What would we do without our good ol’ villains?


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