Looking within

Can life be planned? or predicted? Can I sketch a picture,draw some dots and spend the rest of my time trying to make a coherent diagram about how my life will turn out? Why is my life the way it is? Is it because of the choices i made? If i chose this, then why has it gone so wayward,why can’t I seem to control my own life? Why did i choose what i chose?

There are so many explanations and suggestions given to us when we are young. We grow up with many social rules that may or may not be logical. How does our mind process these pieces of advice? What effect does it have on our personality? We are,really a reflection of the world around us. You can be the most independent person, but how will you dust off the countless people that have crossed your path and have played a part in shaping you? There is a little bit of you in everyone; your friend, your mother, your father and your brother. Yet sometimes you feel like such an alien amongst your closest inner circle.
Are we living two lives? The character that we have assumed by being a part of the society lives with our unique, true inner self.Their amalgamation is this one-of-a-kind individual who fits right in, although sometimes not quite. You can be content as the mask and live your whole life without exploring within.The excesses of the outside world are enough to keep you busy on your toes for years. They make you comfortable, make you feel at home in a familiar place where everybody dresses,talks and often even looks like you! You don’t have to be different, you need not dream, you can easily survive on borrowed dreams and suggested goals.

The day you decide to look within is the beginning of a great adventure.You are almost never ready for what comes next.It’s overwhelming,appalling and moving all at the same time. You don’t have to be spiritual or necessarily meditate to reach that stage,although that is ironically the fastest way to get there. You just have to know. Know that you are more than what you see in the mirror.Know that you are ready for this journey of discovery.Know that you have the potential to see the ocean of life that is inside, a place that you have never experienced, explore a paradise that exists right within you.That is your first step, being prepared.

Silence will get you there.If you can go beyond what your mind is talking to you when you are silent, you will touch that surface of your real self.Silence gives perspective,it gives us a chance to respond with awareness.It de-clutters, it also sterilizes our mind of the nonsense of everyday life.Our two selves need not be in conflict, they can live in harmonious compatibility. If you look at yourself as a third person, as an observer, you can understand a great deal about your own personality. It’s much easier to scrutinize the nuances of our mind when we can objectively analyse why we choose to respond in a certain way.

Who we grow up to be may not entirely be in our hands but we can definitely choose our life purpose.You maybe an engineer because you were pushed to choose this career or everybody around you seemed to see that as a right choice, but you could also be a philanthropist of your own calling. You might have been brought up within the realms of a certain mindset but it’s in your hands to expose your conscience to the enormous possibilities of an open,aware mind. We can choose to not be merely a descendant of our genealogy, a version of our ancestors and a copy of our parents.If we can jump the stereotype of a superficial living that merely scratches the surface of our entire being, then we can also be a unique identity amongst identical imposters.


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