25 Simple Things that my Baby will Grow Up Learning

I have to confess, even the idea of motherhood is scary. Even as i take comfort in the kicks and hiccups of the baby in my belly, I find myself wondering whether I will ever be able to do justice to this beautiful gift that will become my life soon. There are so many people telling me so many things- sing to your baby, make them listen to Beethoven, teach the baby mathematical tables from now itself.. I am positively overwhelmed at what other mothers have achieved from the womb itself.

I have decided to make my baby listen to music that i find soothing. I am talking to her about the glorious world she is coming in and reassuring her about how much her father and I love her already.

Although I don’t exactly know what it takes to be a good parent, I hope to imbibe these few basic things in my child:

1. That owning things is not as gratifying as it seems
2. That you won’t have to push yourself to over achieve ever
3. That you can make mistakes in life as long as you learn from each of them
4. That I will not always be right, I will grow with you
5. That to earn respect, you must learn to give it.
6. That you might not need me one day but I will need you forever
7. That you are luckier than most other children in the world
8. That its ok to be what society calls ‘mad’ sometimes
9. That helping those who need it, is an absolutely wonderful thing and makes you a successful human being
10. That dreaming is important but sometimes dreams can be unfulfilled
11. That if you want something bad enough, you will have to work for it.
12. That there is no escaping disappointment in life.
13. That you don’t need to have everything that your neighbor has.
14. That I may not be able to give you everything you ask for but I will give you the strength and encouragement to try and achieve it yourself.
15. That good marks at school does not mean you’d win in the real world.
16. That expressing your love for someone is a beautiful thing. Do it more often.
17. That there are many vices out there but none of them provide respite from anything.
18. That the minute you make something or someone bigger than you, you lose control over your own self.
19. That the rat race that we’re all in is not necessarily the right path for you.
20. That for nature to be kind to you, you have to be kind to it first.
21. That equality is in the head. It is not decided by the things you own or the opportunities you get.
22.That every relationship has to be nurtured and cultivated. Even the ones you have had no choice in inheriting.
23. That true wealth is not in your bank, but in your heart, mind and soul.
24. That it is better to invest in experiences than in mutual funds.
25. That knowledge and true learning comes from observing life and not memorizing text books.

This is a small parenting guide that I have made for myself and I hope it helps my baby to cope in this stupendous, gorgeous world. Parenthood gives you the power to make a good human being, someone who could potentially change the world. I might not end up being the best mother but I know for sure that my baby is going to be the greatest person in the world for me.


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