My Open Letter to All The Hot Moms

Ok, I admit it. I don’t really get what an open letter is. But it sounds cool and everybody seems to be writing one, so, why not?

Whether its Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Shakira or closer to home Malaika Arora and the erstwhile-nobody-but-now-everywhere Shilpa Shetty,  it truly amazes me to see how fast these celebrity mothers hop back into their former hot-bods and go about their business as if they have never been pregnant ever.  It really makes me wonder if saggy tummies and double chins are made for lesser mortals like me.

So hey Kim and Shilpa, and all the other hot moms around me , I have a few questions for you. Can you please explain to me this..

  1. Be honest, how much spandex is under there? (Just give me a ballpark so that I can start prepping my wardrobe)
  2. Did you ever (like me) extend the services of your pregnancy pants after you had your baby? Under those bodycon dresses and floral crop tops, are you still wearing those hideous peek-a-boo nursing bras and cover-thy-entire-tummy maternity underwear?
  3. How much calcium did you have to pop to save yourself the joint aches after wearing those vertigo-inducing heels? And more importantly, how the hell do you run around saving your little suicidal monster from freak accidents without looking like you’re practicing for the next Para-limpics?
  4. How in god’s name are you satisfying that voracious breastfeeding appetite? I know from experience that broccoli florets and quinoa porridge won’t cut it.
  5. Did you order for a special surgery where the doc not just took out the baby but packed in a tummy tuck too? I mean how, how (??) have you managed to escape stretch marks and gravity defying breasts?
  6. How do you muster the courage to work out in the morning when you’ve spent the whole night with a hard to please infant? And hey, where are those dark circles that can confuse even NASA scientists for craters on Moon?
  7. How can your kids look so well behaved in front of the whole world when mine starts howling the minute she hears the door creak?!
  8. Lastly, is there any hope for me if diaper changes and baby balancing acts are the only form of yoga in my life right now? (let’s pretend this is not a rhetorical question)

But seriously, can I be real girls? What’s the shame in slowing down, taking a breath and reveling in the magic that you have just created? You’ve made something so perfect despite all the imperfections that might embarrass you about yourself. How about, if for once we devote our time to what really matters- lets tickle their feet and make our babies chuckle, lets hug them close and make them feel that the world is a warm place, lets watch them grow and get inspired by their resolve, let’s be there for them without worrying about ‘I, me or mine’ just yet. There’s no shame in being just a mother for sometime. Before you know it, our kids will stop needing us.

Happy mothers make happy babies. But mothers who are emotionally absent, self piteous or self-obsessive make cranky babies who grow up to be insecure human beings. For me, the biggest challenge of motherhood lies in acceptance. To come to terms with the fact that life has turned a new page that requires a newer, better you.

So here’s to sacrificing size 8 jeans and fitted clothes for the oodles of laughter and joy that our babies get in our lives. Here’s to bringing up secure human beings who are comfortable in their own body, personality and situations. Here’s to making the world a happy place for our babies.


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