The Digital Detox: My Five Day ‘No Screen’ Challenge with the Baby

When the good folks at Shumee Toys suggested that I take a week long ‘no screen’ challenge with M, my kneejerk reaction was to decline the idea immediately. Instantly, horrific thoughts started running through my head- how was I supposed to finish kitchen work or go to the bathroom in the morning without the baby screaming murder or drive through the snail paced city traffic without the baby screeching enough to convince onlookers that she has been kidnapped?


The 55 minute nursery rhyme video has been my savior. So much so, that my husband and I subconsciously started using it as a parenting tool. Before we realized it, all three of us were hooked to the idea of youtube videos. It was so simple and convenient. Baby’s acting stubborn ? No problem, Santa Claus to the rescue! Too tired to play with the hyperactive monster? Call Ba Ba Black Sheep to cast its magic! As I write this, it can be safely said that eleven month old M expects to be soothed by digital media the second she sees a mobile or Ipad in our hand.

Yes, there are many times during the day that I feel extremely guilty on betraying the promise I made to myself when M was in the womb. I assured her of my undivided attention, I promised her that she will have a simple, beautiful childhood that will be spent outdoors rather than trapped inside a digital maze. So, I agreed. I was hesitant but I knew that this digital habit had to be nipped in the bud.

So, come with me as I take on what I suspect will be the most grueling challenge of our parenthood. Any inputs and advice are welcome!

Read about how Day 1 and Day 2&3 have gone so far. 


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