The Digital Detox : Day 1


Day One of Digital Detox was about testing the waters. Trying to decipher the patterns of the baby and acting before things went out of hand.

The Morning was going to be a challenge because we would often take a few lazy minutes to ourselves as she watched her ‘Billy Bam Bam’ or other videos. But surprisingly, it went fine. Of course, it meant that we had to shrug off the lethargy and jump to her energy levels. But we managed to keep her entertained.

By the afternoon, I was getting exhausted and very tempted to take a few peaceful breaths while baby watched her favorite cartoons. But the thought of failing on the very first day scared me and so I kept trying. M loves to read books and ‘Goodnight Moon’ is her favorite. So that’s what we did when she was too tired to play.


By Evening, I was imagining a hot cup of tea and a good meal after the baby slept. To keep her occupied, I took her for a stroll. She loves meeting new people, especially kids and kept saying ‘hiii’ to strangers as we walked past them.


She slept snuggled up with her father in our SSC carrier as he walked in the garden to gently rock her.


So, not bad for Day 1. Hoping this becomes a habit soon!


Featured Image: hongkongphooey


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