Digital Detox: Day 2 & 3

How ironic that I have to admit that I cheated on Valentine’s day. Yes, Day 2 & 3 weren’t as rosy as Day 1.

There was no pleasing this cranky baby

It was a split second decision made under extreme frustration. M has been a bit under the weather (what I suspect is teething and wish that at least this time we see our toothless one year old with at least a couple of pearlies!) . She has been clingy and irritable and all she wants is for her Mumma to leave everything and breastfeed at her whim and fancy. I have spent nights with her latched on to me, refusing to let go.

Our favorite star projector got thrown out of the bed too.

So when the husband and I were both in a hurry to get ready and she flatly refused to be held down by her booster chair, I caved and showed her a few minutes of her favorite video. Of course, I felt awful and betrayed after that stupid decision but at that moment, I was in a pang of utter desperation.

Just playing along for Papa

Apart from that one time, we have given our every ounce of patience to the Detox. We’ve discovered new games, new sounds that our tongues can make, new ways to read old books and lots of new stories to keep the little monster occupied.

A second after this photo was taken, there was a big outburst

Day 4 & 5 from the looks of it are going to be pretty difficult. I can feel that I am getting close to my wits end (Or I am PMSing, which is worse) but I truly want this challenge to be a success.


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