Digital Detox: Day 4 & 5

I can feel a storm coming. I can sense the warnings. M is adamant on testing us to our wits end. But amidst the mayhem that this little monster is making, we’re trying to hold on with everything we’ve got.

What’s in your cupboard Mumma?

There came a point when I was questioning the whole point of this exercise. How bad can it be if it manages to hold the baby down for a few minutes? Since when are nursery rhymes and alphabet songs bad for children? These were the questions that I had to fight with in my head on Day 4 & 5 of the challenge.

We have a new pest in our garden.

Then there was the fear of the unknown. I realized that just like I had my moment of weakness, the husband had it too. As I walked into the nursery to what I assumed was father-daughter quality time, I saw both baby and daddy enjoying their few moments away from Mom on their phones. M was devouring each second of the video as if she had been deprived of sunlight all these days and this was her only chance to bask in its warmth.

When I dramatically screeched as I saw this unabashed rebellion, both of them dropped their weapons and promptly switched to the role of victims.


To keep the sanity and be in more control, we took M to a variety of new places. We also increased the time we spent in the garden and gave her sometime to watch the other kids playing. We arranged for playdates with cousins and taught her nanny a few new tricks to keep her busy.


Day 4 & 5 made me understand why so many parents choose to introduce their kids to screens so early. Its because that is what they are accustomed to themselves. Our generation is still awkwardly trying to absorb the effects of digital technology in our life. Dealing with digital media and entertainment does not come organically to us because we didn’t have it to this extent while growing up.


Maybe our kids will be able to filter the technology and media that is relevant to them. But we are still in the phase where it’s uncool to not ‘use them all’. So under this pressure to be virtually everywhere at the same time, we are taking shortcuts with our children and teaching them the route to instant gratification.

The blame really rests on us.




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