Lather, Rinse, Repent.. How I Escaped From The Smelly Trap of The ‘Langot’

There’s a lot of things that a loooot of people tell you in the first few months after you deliver your baby. From the right massage oil to your diet and your bowel movements too, there are a lot of opinions floating around your dizzy world.

But one thing that was decided for me and my baby even before she was born was that she was destined to spend atleast her first few months in flimsy pieces of cloths that masquerade as traditional cloth diapers called langots. No, not the ones that are to be hand folded into space-ship like patterns to hold atleast a couple of pees. My mother was quite adamant that the new baby must have the thin, flimsy types that have loops and strings to fasten. Why, you ask? ”Because they are airy , beta. And that’s what I made you wear too.”

Needless to say, the better part of my sanity was spent in changing langots after langots that were full of runny stools and pees. Until I came across the most important invention in the new mother’s world – The Modern Cloth Diaper. It should be named ‘The Midway Miracle That Will Keep Both Nani And Mummy Happy’.
Second only to a baby’s bare bottom, the Modern Cloth Diaper is the cutest thing you will see on a baby bum. And to make you feel good about their (slightly) surprising prices, they are also extremely eco friendly and long lasting. If like me, you’re a believer in the ‘Make in India’ philosophy, then you’d have some fine options right here, like the Bumpadum brand.


The Bumpadum Stay Dry Duet Diaper works perfectly for my medium but unpredictable wetter. A stay dry microfleece layer envelops the colorful PUL shell so that the baby does not feel wet even after a number of pees. The double inserts made of all natural materials , namely two layers of cotton terry and hemp fleece ensure you can fit and forget about the diaper for a long time. The diaper fits beautifully snug and looks absolutely stunning playing peek a boo as M dances on her favorite song or stumbles across the room, learning to walk.


Pillowy soft and decievingly hardworking, I will be forever grateful to the cloth diaper that decided (unlike my mommy) to move ahead with time. I always knew that disposable diapers were not the solution and wanted to desperately move forward from mind numbingly stupid inventions like langots.

Yes, I will admit rather coyly that cloth diapering makes me feel like a bit of a hippie. But caring for the environment never looked so good! The bonus is that these are so damn easy to clean and are gentle on my baby’s skin.

I’m genuinely surprised that so few people know about modern cloth diapers. For me, it’s been a big help in not just saving a few bucks ( in the long term) but also saving my baby from chemically treated disposable diapers.

If you’ve reached till here, then I am guessing that you’re either a big fan of my writing (thank you for that) or most likely have a vested interest in poopy matters, in which case, my advice to you is that you really must try modern cloth diapering. Have more questions? Get in touch!!


Featured Image: ifitshipithere.blogspot


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