Six Unlikely Accessories That Helped Me Cope With Motherhood

I am a true believer in the ‘less is more’ philosophy. There is enough evidence out there to show that owning more only makes you more miserable. So , that’s how I had decided to raise M too. Without too many toys or accessories. So, there were no Moses baskets, no musical soothers, no walkers or baby monitors for her. All we used in the first year of parenthood was the traditional Indian swing called ‘ghodiyo’ in Gujarat, a bathing  chair  so that I  could bathe her myself ,a car seat so that I could drive alone with her, an ergonomic baby carrier and eventually, a potty seat for toilet training.

Although my mother would say that list is quite long by itself and those accessories unnecessary, we must remember that she would rather have me be home with the baby without any help than spend on these ‘faltu ki cheeze’.

But I must admit that there were some humble accessories that I just happened to buy that made it so easy for me this past one year. They’re not necessarily related to babies but have been an important part of my motherhood nonetheless.

These are the things that turned out to be the hero of the craziest year in my life.

1. My Solar Powered Tiny Night Reading Light


For when the baby sleeps, the mumma catches up on her reading. I found this little accessory so useful at nights when I didn’t want to switch even the reading light in case the little monster wakes up! The solar power bit helped the forgetful me to charge the light when I misplaced the charger (which was on the first day I started using it)

2. My Headphones


Music and Netflix have been my besties in my pregnancy and after that too.  And there is just no way I could catch up on Narcos without the headphones!

3. My Yoga Mat


No, I didn’t do much yoga. But the yoga mat became the symbol of breath and peace for me. I would just sit on it and close my eyes for a few minutes. It helped me regain perspective when I was close to losing hope.

4. The Egg Timer

Kitchen egg timer

The one thing that changed in me when I had Baby M was that the little memory I had  faded away.  I became extremely lost and absent minded. Everyday things escaped my crowded brain and I started having ‘why did I come to this spot?’ type of moments very often. I cant count the number of times I over-boiled milk and let the rice cook for long. The egg timer made it easier to figure our that it was time to control something before it got burnt!

5. The Inflatable Boxing Dummy


When the husband was not around (lucky him), I needed a vent to my extreme frustration and anger. And this void was filled by the poor dummy. I am not kidding, I have changed two dummies in fifteen months because they couldn’t sustain the lethal combination of my anger and post pregnancy weight.

6. Post its.


Whether they’re virtual reminders or paper post-its, I need tons of alarms around me now. Post its remind me of stuff that needs restocking, vaccinations that are pending and phone calls that need to be returned.

Another thing that really helped me was clutter-cleaning. The amount of stuff that I have thrown out of the house since I became a mother can easily make another home complete. But I found that handling less stuff helped me focus on the important things. I reduced the kitchen supplies too , because like my husband says ‘we’re not living in a desert’ and can easily buy as we need. Small changes have gone a long way in keeping my mind and home clutter free.

Which accessories helped you the most in your first year of motherhood?

Featured image: Michael M.F



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