My Ordinary Life's Extraordinary Journey

My world in moments,memories and flashbacks

The Digital Detox : Day 1

  Day One of Digital Detox was about testing the waters. Trying to decipher the patterns of the baby and acting before things went out of hand. The Morning was going to be a challenge because we would often take a... Continue Reading →

The Digital Detox: My Five Day ‘No Screen’ Challenge with the Baby

When the good folks at Shumee Toys suggested that I take a week long 'no screen' challenge with M, my kneejerk reaction was to decline the idea immediately. Instantly, horrific thoughts started running through my head- how was I supposed to... Continue Reading →

A Case Study of The Indian Mother in Law : Species Decoded

Before I start, something tells me that I will need a disclaimer for this one. So,here it is. 'The ideas expressed in this article are not based on merely one person even though it might seem like I have written... Continue Reading →

A Match Maid in Hell : My Tryst With Finding The Perfect Bai

I might sound like a bit of a brag but I have become somewhat of an expert on household maids. In the twelve odd months since the baby was born, I have changed close to ten maids. And despite what... Continue Reading →

The Millennial Starter Kit for the ‘Modern’ Indian

Globally, a really cool transformation is taking place. Millennials like you and me are slowly but surely changing the world order. They're shattering traditions and reinterpreting realities. They don't care about things that their parents found important. They're not in a rat... Continue Reading →

Most Audaciously Funny Myths I Have Heard About Babies

Its been almost ten months that I was catapulted into the most demanding role of my life. I've had a flurry of new feelings and emotions visit me- from inexplicable tears to the feeling of being nothing but a cow,... Continue Reading →

How My Invisible Friends Shaped My Personality

I grew up in a house full of children. We had brats of all ages , in fact, the age difference between me and my eldest cousins spans well over 15 years. We ate together, played together and even got... Continue Reading →

My Open Letter to All The Hot Moms

Ok, I admit it. I don't really get what an open letter is. But it sounds cool and everybody seems to be writing one, so, why not? Whether its Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Shakira or closer to home Malaika Arora and the erstwhile-nobody-but-now-everywhere Shilpa... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Sleepless Mother -6 Things I am Guilty of With My Baby

As I write this, M sleeps peacefully next to me with her feet propped up on my thighs.  She is pretty much my whole world now - my whole day and (alas!) my whole night too. I find myself craving... Continue Reading →

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